Macedon Ranges' Water Future

About this project

We are looking at all the options to manage water in the Macedon Ranges.

Were working to make sure we’re prepared to have enough water in a dry period, and manage extra water when it’s very wet. This includes finding the best ways to use our recycled water, which is always in strong supply.

We have been talking to the community since late 2022 to build a shared understanding of preferences and values towards water management in the Macedon Ranges.

Greater Western Water (GWW) worked alongside consulting group RPS to design and deliver the engagement program, to support GWW's understanding of community priorities.

The community identified ten priorities for water management in the region including maintaining healthy waterways and habitats.

We will be using your feedback and these values for future works, planning, and community consultation.

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Next steps

We're considering other projects that enhance the environment and local liveability and we want to hear what is important to you.

We will be back with more information in 2024.

What does recycled water in the Macedon Ranges look like?

Most of the water used by the Macedon Ranges community comes from rainfall.

But after the water has been used, it becomes wastewater. It flows into the sewerage network to our recycled water plants, where it’s carefully treated.

Wastewater is always in plentiful supply in all communities, because people always need to go to the toilet, stay clean, and use water in other ways. As populations grow, this supply increases – even if individuals are careful about their water use.

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