Update 18 February 2022

Your input helped shape the way we engage

Over four weeks in October-November 2021, we reached out across our service area to ask you to have your say on our Draft Community Engagement Framework. More than 1,100 people accessed this site to read the framework, understand what it is and to have their say!

We received over 90 responses from community members, who shared their thoughts, experiences and aspirations. Your feedback helped us understand what you value and what you expect from us. As a result, we now have a Community Engagement Framework that reflects what's important to you!

The framework gives us the foundations to involve our diverse community in shaping our future. It describes what community engagement means to Greater Wester Water, who we engage with and how. It sets out clear principles and steps that guide the way we engage, include community input and improve our processes.

We are proud to share our Community Engagement Framework with you.

You can:

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Update 23 November 2021

  • Consultation closed

    Feedback on the Draft Community Engagement Framework closed at 5pm, Monday 22 November after a four-week consultation period.

    Thank you to everyone who took the time to provide feedback to help shape how we do engagement moving forward.

  • Closing the loop

    We will analyse your feedback and communicate the findings back to you, along with the endorsed version of the Community Engagement Framework in Jan/Feb 2022.

Have your say!

Our communities are at the heart of our organisation. We want to hear your views to help shape the way we connect with you.

Draft Community Engagement Framework


Help shape our future of community engagement

We value our community and want to understand what is important to you. We believe this helps us make the best decisions.

We have developed a Draft Community Engagement Framework (Draft Framework) to guide the way we connect with you. The framework includes:

  • a definition - what community engagement is and why we do it
  • principles - to guide the way we engage
  • a process - for our people to use when planning and engaging

To develop the Draft Framework, we considered best practice, looked at what is done effectively elsewhere, and we asked our people for their insights.

Now we want your views on the Draft Framework. We want to know what we got right and what you think needs to change. Your feedback will help shape the final Greater Western Water (GWW) Community Engagement Framework.

How to get involved

Dates: You can provide your feedback up until 5pm, Monday 22 November.

Read: You can choose to read one of the versions of the document we've created:

Select the + to read the document


How can I provide feedback in English?

  • Survey - select the Survey tab below and type your answers to the questions.
  • Share a story - select the What is good engagement to you? tab below to share your story about a good community engagement experience you've had.
  • Take a Quick Poll - select an answer to the Quick Poll, to the right, to provide your thoughts.

How can I provide feedback in English and other languages?

  • Audio recording - select the Audio tab below. Record your answers in English or another language on your phone and send the file to us via email.
  • Written - select the Written tab below and upload a photo or file of your written document in English or another language.

I want to speak to someone

  • Telephone - if you know someone who cannot provide feedback online, they can get in touch with our engagement team to give their feedback over the phone or via email. See Contact Us details.
  • First Nations community members - can contact us on 13 44 99 and ask to speak with our First Nations Advisor.
  • Interpreter Services - are available if you speak another language. You can call them on: 03 9313 8989
  • National Relay Service - is available for people who are deaf and/or find it hard hearing or speaking with people. You can call them on: Voice Relay 1300 555 727, TTY 133 677 or SMS Relay 0423 677 767

Read the Summary Document in your language





The opportunity to provide feedback has now closed.

Use a voice recording in English or your preferred language to answer some or all of the questions in the survey and email it to: engagement@gww.com.au

What is good engagement to you?